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I have sent art use permissions to the publisher; not sure what they're going to do precisely yet but it's related to marketing. Plans for the graphic novel version are still on hold pending editorial revisions of the text novel seeing as I don't want to have to re-plan-out comic pages if something changes, but I absolutely still intend to do it. In the future.


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I like superheroes.


Susurration by plangkye
Character art for The Interminables.

Yes, you read that right. This is a book in which one of the characters is such a bizarrely inhuman entity that this is really, truly the best and most accurate way to portray it in its natural state.

Gonna be a fun time figuring out how to work it into the graphic version when it comes to that :doh:

The Interminables is a creation of UnoSombrero. Fractal art created in Apophysis.
Numenera Characters by plangkye
Numenera Characters
I went and took another commission - the people over at needed art for their Numenera party, so I took the job. Left to right: Valentine Tagos, a Clever Jack who Focuses Mind Over Matter; Miral of the Lukoheda Clan, an Inquisitive Jack who Explores Dark Places; the fused brothers Vekis and Verick, a Driven Glaive who Exists in Two Places at Once; and Koen, a Weird Nano who Howls at the Moon.

Numenera is an interesting setting, equal parts fantasy and post-apocalypse sci-fi. Lots of Sufficiently Advanced Technology.
Undaunted by plangkye
City of Heroes may be offline but it is far from gone - people still make characters in Paragon Chat and roleplay there and through forums and messages, even if there are no more missions or enemies to fight.

This is a commission I took, my first ever, mainly because I needed a little extra cash... I'm quite happy with it and so was the guy I did it for :) Good practice on backgrounds and perspective.

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Beautiful work!!
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